Seeking quality investment options, Single Family Offices (SFOs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) want access to direct, unique and off-market deals, as well as the opportunity to invest alongside institutional co-investments partners. Gaining this access – without expending excessive time and energy – can be challenging. Keeping abreast of new market trends and emerging niches demands expertise and resources that may be focused elsewhere.

How can SFOs and UHNWIs identify, evaluate and take advantage of co-investment opportunities alongside experienced investors, other SFOs and UHNWIs around the globe – with confidence, ease and minimal day-to-day involvement?

Transforming challenges into opportunities

Informed by our expertise in special situations, our global reach and broad network of SFO and institutional co-investment partners, we provide access to direct, pre-screened and vetted opportunities that meet the individual investment criteria of SFOs and UHNWIs. We then execute the deals, regularly investing our own capital to align interests.

Our clients can further benefit from our provision of curated value-add services selected to meet specific requirements, including our Private Office and Corporate Advisory Services.

Opening up opportunities to invest alongside the like-minded, we can connect SFOs and UHNWIs around the world.

With the highest levels of professionalism and discretion a given, we make it easier and more rewarding for our clients to do the business they want, the way they want.

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  • Choice of quality, off-market direct deals
  • Invest alongside other SFOs and instituional capital
  • Ease of process
  • Alignment of equity interests
  • Potential for superior investment returns

"The return from the deal that we have invested alongside Chrystal Capital exceeded our expectations. The partners looked after us not only on the investment side but also assisted us in managing an exit for our investment. There is no greater compliment."

Family Office, Belgium